Monday, July 2, 2012

Dirtsheet 7/2/12

It's been a long time since this has been updated. You'll notice the bigcartel store isn't up anymore. I'll make a new one sometime this month. There's plenty of old and new distro stuff to put up, though by the time it's up it will all be old. I still have plenty of the 2nd Enzuigiri 7", so if you want one just send me an e-mail. Still have a small amount of copies of the first 7" as well.

The Escalator/Xtra Vomit split has been canceled. Escalator is no longer a band. Toll the ring bell 10 times. It's a real shame, since they were one of my favorite active bands. I believe the tracks they recorded for the split will be going on some compilations. R.I.P.

What does the future hold for Man Of 1000 Masks? Well, the Phasm demo should go into action as soon as those ghouls get out of the woods and record something. The songs have been written for over a year now, and if you've caught any of the TWO shows they've played in the past year and a half, you've heard them. I hear there's an instrumental recording floating around somewhere on the Internet...

Following that (or maybe coming out before) will be a live tape from Pigeonholes. There will be plenty of extras included with it. It will go fast. Almost too fast. Stay on your toes.

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