Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mask #4 Enzuigiri - Welcome To Die 7"

The 2nd top rope powerbomb by this band of wrestling obsessed freaks from the Mid-Ohio Valley. Three more tracks of riff-heavy, high flying hardcore with some chilled out slower parts thrown in as well, because every good squared circle bout needs some rest holds. I would throw in some band comparisons, but none of it would make any sense. Just take a listen on the link below.

Covers were painstakingly put together by yours truly. Transparencies, hand stamped labels, stickers, multiple inserts, free download slip, the whole nine yards. Artwork by Brad Pierce.

This can be ordered in the NEW ONLINE STORE

Any interested labels/distros can get in touch about wholesale/trades through e-mail.

Escalator / Xtra Vomit split 7" (split with IFB records)
Phasm demo CS

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