Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dirtsheet 1/26/13

Damn, I haven't updated in a while. Here's what's happened since the last update:

- New webstore was created. You'll  find it at
- The discography page was updated.
- Pigeonholes - Live Tape was released. (Still available!)
- Enzuigiri - Live Tape was released (There's a few left!)
- Perfect Future - Live Tape was released (Gone!)
- Enzuigiri and Perfect Future went on a weekend tour that featured time travel and a robbery (no joke)
- El Generico got signed to WWE.

The Phasm demo is coming out at some point, I swear. It's been recorded for a while now.

Man Of 1000 Masks and a few other labels (Count Your Lucky Stars, Sea Of Tranquility,Not Only One Side) will be putting out a brand new 7" from Perfect Future titled "Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable". It's going to press soon and should be out within the next couple of months.

Pigeonholes have had a long period of inactivity but are back in action and will be recording for a lathe cut 7" in the near future.

Enzuigiri will be touring a little in the Northeast in February. I'll post the dates on here once everything is completely finalized.

There's another release I can't exactly discuss at the moment, but I assure you, it's absolutely apocalyptic.

That's about it for now. Keep on puking in the free world.

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