Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mask #2 Pigeonholes - Demo

I could throw around terms like pop punk, indie, garage, post-hardcore, drunken-mess, sloppy-bullshit, or some other genres that people have used to describe this band, but I don't feel any of those do them any justice. Taking a little bit of each of the above genres (mainly the last two), Pigeonholes have crafted their own brand of madness that's sure to be piledriven into your head and will never, ever leave...not like you would want it to. Enough of the stupid description, take a listen for yourself.

This tape comes to the ring wearing a championship belt and also comes with a download card so those who complain about tapes can listen to this on their ipods.


To order, send an e-mail to manof1000masks[at]gmail[dot]com.

Distros, get in touch for wholesale or trades.


By the way, I added a couple of things to the distro.

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