Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Horseburner - Dirt City EP

ANOTHER release that I had no part in putting out. Horseburner is Jack from Enzuigiri's other band (also includes current and ex-members of To Kill Or Cure, Powerbomb, Egress, The Great Eastern Dream). Parkersburg, WV stoner/sludge/RAWK-N-ROLL that sounds like getting Vader Bombed on concrete. More proof that good stuff can come out of this city.

This CD is great, but this band NEEDS to be seen live to really get the full effect. Make sure you bring some earplugs or you won't be hearing anything for the next few days. Hopefully they'll actually start making it out of town in the near future so you can have a chance to see them.

No download for this right now (maybe in the future), but you can order this heavyweight by sending $6 through paypal to mmcxii[at]gmail[dot]com. Don't be a jobber. Order it.


Listen to the whole thing here

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