Saturday, June 6, 2009

Landmine - Demo

Sure, the name isn't original, but who cares. Landmine (now Enzuigiri) is me, Eric, and Jack. When this demo was made, it was me, Eric, and Derrick Shanholtzer. Derrick lives up in Connecticut now and does a label called One Hundred Year Media (who is actually helping release the Enzuigiri 7") and plays in a couple of bands including One Hundred Year Ocean and Bombs Away. Now you know everything there is to know about Derrick.

I'd explain what the demo sounds like, but I'm horrible at describing what my own band sounds like so I'll just let you decide for yourself.

The demo was first released on 50 cassettes. They were all dubbed on a crappy cassette deck that stopped working soon after the demos were finished. That sort of put a stop to any "repress" that might've been planned. When we first started selling these tapes, they came with a totally barebones CDR that had all the tracks just in case people didn't have a tape deck or were absolutely terrified of cassette tapes. It took around half a year to get rid of 50 tapes. I think I ended up selling more to people out of the state and out of the country than to people in or near my own town. Oh well. They're finally all gone.
Derrick put out a nicely packaged version CDR of the demo out on his label when we started running low on the tapes. The OHYM version has two extra tracks which are rough recordings of songs that will be on the 7". That's the version I'm putting up for download. I'm not sure how many of these were made, maybe around 150? Not totally sure, but they're all gone now. These were given away free at shows.

Finally, there's a third and final "pressing" of this thing because we still have nothing else but shirts at shows. I don't have a picture of this one, but it's a CDR with yet ANOTHER picture of a tank on the front and an insert with Mil Mascaras on it. These are all gone. Download it at the link provided below.

Download Here


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  1. All there is to know about Derrick - lol he's in world-famous TWIABP now